All Fabric Series Aluminum Alloy Series Plastic Series Wireless Chargers

Made for Easier Sun Power

Built with the latest solar charging technology, Powerness solar panels provide clean and renewable electricity supply for Powerness or other brands Li-ion generators, 

as well as a large veriety of consumer electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops or any other devices powered by USB or USB-C ports.

Meanwhile, with our Patented Direct Solar LCD display technology, users can read charging status directly.

  • Power Bank PD 18W
  • PD Power Adapter 254
  • L10
  • P10W
  • Power Bank P10B-C
  • Power Bank 405
  • US-C01W
  • P33
  • Power Bank P10B-L
  • Power Bank 432
  • US-M01W
  • Power Bank P20A (PD30W)
  • Power Bank 455
  • US-M05W
  • Power Bank 456